Adding to The ‘VIS List’

It occurred to me today, while driving the company van, in a warm Spring Saturday, to New Glasgow, that there others worthy of inclusion into the ‘Very Important Scientist’ category of those who are little known outside their respective fields. yet whose herculean labors and fruitful genius brought forth many things that elevated the human condition.

I was thinking in particular of the more esoteric aspects of the fundamentals in electronics and computing. These additional entries, with Wikipedia links, might give greater insight into the unsung.
* Alan Blumlein – developed binaural (‘stereo’) sound and many TV circuits
* William Shockley – co-inventor of the transistor (with Bardeen and Brattain), Father of the Silicon Revolution
* Robert Widlar – circuit designer, invented the voltage regulator and operational amplifier chips.
* Dan Bricklin – author of the first computerized spreadsheet.


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